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AFT(Acrylic Foam Tape)



Acrylic foam tape has strong adhesion to the substrates such as metals and plastics, and at the same time, it prevents corrosion of the joint area by
sealing effect. It is possible to bond dissimilar materials such as composite materials, attach parts to automobiles and home appliances, and replace bolts and nuts at construction sites.



Clear acrylic foam tape is a product that can be applied to areas that require transparency and neat work, such as vehicle hi-passes, smartphone holders, promotion materials, and advertising signs.



Thin acrylic foam tape provides perfect sealing effect as an viscoelastic material. It has excellent impact resistance, light and thin, so it is applied to smartphones, laptops, tablet PCs and automobile displays. We provide products in 0.15, 0.25, 0.3mm thickness.

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